Merlin Design: Dedicated to clear communication between individuals, within communities and in the world. Howard Evans brings a life long practice in nonviolence and the politics of change to his work with adults — as individuals and as groups.


Consulting in Nonviolent Communication is a service offered to groups and to individuals seeking to understand NVC and to enhance their own personal skills. My services are aimed towards adults and are best utilized by those with some previous work or study of NVC.


I've studied recently with Robert Gonzales, an NVC trainer for whom I have profound respect and who has nourished my learning over the past four years. He calls his work Living Compassion.


One of the aspects of NVC that I'm learning about involves Restorative Circles as pioneered by Dominic Barter. You can taste Dominic's work by watching the video below.


Conflict resolution? from Restorative Circles on Vimeo.


Or, here's another video, also from Dominic Barter, talking about connection as the fundamental task of this nonviolent and restorative work.


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